*LMFAO*!! I HATE that idiotic autostart music on people’s blogs - instant click out for me. Anyone that thinks that’s a good idea is not someone I respect. Sorry you had to put up with some stupid tumblr shits lately. Hope things get better soon.

I know right? As a web designer I can professionally say nobody likes autostarting music.

And thanks sweets :) I dwelled for a bit, I vented, I’m over it now :) Back to Benedict reblogs.

I wonder how many photos of Benedict Cumberbatch this person has on her walls.

~ Some douche commenting on my tat and apparently this blog.

Yyyyeah, my walls are covered ceiling to floor in a giant collage of Cumberbatch pix. All of them. All the pix of him ever made because I am just THAT devoted. There’s also a shrine to him in the corner of my living room where I meditate twice a day and contemplate the inner working of his mind, and I am currently planning on spending my 401k to fly to London to become a stalker because it’s my life’s dream. *rolls eyes*

Because I mostly reblog Benedict Cumberbatch stuff along with other fandom things on this particular blog and actually, I dunno, MET the guy, obviously that’s a point of mockery for a Tumblr troll.

Well, I’m done feeding you morons now. 

Tumblr users spend so much time bemoaning bullying and the uselessness of acting like a twat to other people and yet blogs devoted to what amounts to bullying exist which reblog their cuntishness and creates a wave of other idiots with poorly designed themes that have autostarting shitty music (which is SO ten years ago, I mean COME ON.) jumping on the reblog bandwagon.

It’s ridiculous.

I won’t be dipping into the antics from here on out. I love this tat. I love being in a lot of fandoms. The people who know and care about me know the stories behind my tat and support me and THAT is all that matters. Whether YOU, random stranger I couldn’t give two shits about, like it is irrelevant.

And seriously, autostarting music on your blogs? Nobody likes that shit.

I don’t think Ben [Cumberbatch] or Daniel Craig are asked that. I think it stems from my so-called perceived approachability. And it is totally f***ing perceived. I come across as a half-decent person and not very pretentious. I’m a good actor; I can pretend. Look,” he says, calming down a bit, “I’m angry and defensive about everything. It just drives me slightly bananas because I know how hard I work. Tim is nothing like Bilbo Baggins either. People tend to think, ‘Oh, you’re just doing what you do.’ It’s a) insulting, b) f***ing bulls***, and c) I’d invite any other f***er to try to do it.
Martin Freeman on comparisons of his characters

I’m so glad he’s finally said something on this. I hate it when people compare his characters as the “every-man”. He’s a brilliant actor and saying that demeans his work. (via hogwartsisongallifrey)

I agree with all of the above - but Benedict is constantly asked about “portraying geeks” or “portraying real people.” All actors have this problem. Some, like Martin, get fed up and call journos on their bullshit. Others just give some generic answer and move on.

Oz Comic Con - April 13th, 2014 (Sun) - part two


As complete a summary as I can be bothered with of Benedict Cumberbatch at the Oz Comic Con Sydney event (Sunday April 13th, 2014). Some parts have been paraphrased and others left out completely, so don’t take it as gospel, more as generally what went down.

continued from part 1.

12. His favourite childhood movie? Ghostbusters. Woo. The “asymmetrical comedic genius” of Bill Murray should have evaded him at the age he watched it at, but Murray’s extraordinarily brilliant, and there was something that made him go back to the film a lot. He liked that bit where the creepy music came in and the ghouls were just colliding into Manhattan, and loved that they were contained on this island, and at the centre of it was Peter Venkman. All three of them were brilliant. It was a fantastic creation. The idea for a kid that ghosts could be funny and scary was extraordinary. The dogs that guarded her were pretty terrifying, yet when Rick Moranis squeaks down the wall everyone carries on eating. It was very funny. “You should ask my mum this question.” She’s not in here today, but you should ask her. He wasn’t a geek, not too obsessive, but loved Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Woo. Quite liked Bond - he saw his first one, Octopussy, at quite a young age. Didn’t quite understand the seduction of beautiful women, but he liked the gadgets, was a typical boy in that sense. Indiana Jones was really cool.

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And thus settles the debate on whether he meant ‘braces’ as in mouth metal’ or braces as in suspenders. Awwww :)



"What if you’re right and they’re wrong?"

"Why wait"

"Go for it"

"Dream" (or it could say “DIY”— do it yourself)

I think Pearl bought motivational home decor so Lester will see them everyday and become a more successful salesman— whoopsie! Pearl, it turns out they were slowly pushing him into murdering you :/

#Fargo. And the whole place is as dark as the souls are living there.

iiiinteresting :) Clever details

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